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Celestia by the Spring by Zedrin Celestia by the Spring by Zedrin
I did this just as a personal thing, so I could get a print made to have signed by Nicole Oliver when I go to Canterlot Gardens. Wish I had thought of to do something like this for Everfree with a Luna print, to get a signature from Tabitha St. Germain.

Spent 3 days working on this and several hours. Before mergers there was like 92 layers. It was a chance for me to revisit water and diffusion.

Thank you MLPDrawingSchool for your help and feedback, really helped me to bring this piece together. (Also thanks to my friends at SFS for giving me preliminary feedback.)

This one is formatted for wallpaper, 1080p. If you'd like to buy the full resolution as a print yourself, you can get it here: Redbubble

-Critiques appreciated-

edit: thanks for all the favs and feedback. I literally poured everything I had into this piece, so I couldn't be happier.

small update: Well, looks like Nicole had something come up, so sadly she won't be able to make it to CG. Ah well... If she happens to go to another con that I'm able to make it to, I'll just have to bring it with me then. =P

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This picture is just perfect. the Detail is perfect, the lighting is perfect, the shadows, the colors, the effects, everything is perfect. I especially like the younger Celestia tone and the eagerness and curiosity. This just shines as a cute and even epic in my perspective. The hair is fluffy but just, ans the eyes are very calling. The wings in the water is something I would never see, and the people at Equestria Daily will love this.
Yeah son, I just e-mailed this to Equestria Daily! Prepare to get famous! Congrats bro, you just won a watcher, and my personal favorite. celestia is one of my favorite ponies just my her design, and you just blew it even higher.
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I don't critique very often, so excuse my rustiness XD

I'll do pros and improvements:


- Celestia's anatomy looks wonderful.

- The shading is great! Her mane and tail look really well done and I can tell you put a lot of time into her.

- The composition is good and works very well.

- The background is laid out well (If you know what I mean)

- I'm no expert at drawing water, but to me it looks a little... flat and sort of blurry. Maybe if you added some more defined ripples around Celestia and around the waterfall, and boosted the colour balance/saturation a bit, it might look less flat and fit in better as the rest of the scene is quite vibrant.

- The mist near the 'end' of the waterfall is very thick and blurred for the angle the water seems to be coming from (It basically looks like a small waterfall), maybe lower the opacity of it in places so we can see where the waterfall and the pool meet.

- When a subject is in water, the water tends to leave a 'ripply' effect near to the pbjects/things placed in the water, Its quite hard for me to explain, so I recommend getting references of people or animals in water so you can see how it reflects off someone.

Overall this piece is beautiful and visually appealing, I really like it and I think you are a wonderful artist. Next time, I would say to try and define certain things more and blur them a little less, although this looks really good, It could look even better :heart: Keep it up!

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August 29, 2012
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