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Kaohnin Lineart - Male by Zedrin Kaohnin Lineart - Male by Zedrin
*Read this description for instructions!*

Resubmission of the old male lineart I made cause it was crappy.

This artwork may be used, modified, and altered as any user sees fit. That's what it was made for: just download it and start coloring it in.

And if you're curious, this is a kaohnin: [link]

I've color-coded this lineart for ease-of-use. Think of it as a simple reference sheet: just replace what shade of gray is present on the side with what color you want. The lineart is sealed up so alpha issues should be minute if present at all.

-Primary is the main body color
-Secondary is often applied to the winglets and ear fluff. It's optional and can be applied anywhere on the body. There can be multiple secondary colors in any feasible pattern. (ie, my 'sona has white stripes and white limbs.)
-Hair color is the hair color, obviously. Sometimes might be one of the primary or secondary colors
-Claws and teeth are often the same color, but can vary. (I'd color the claws first if they do vary, to make things easier.)
-Paw color relates to pawpads.
-Replace the word "Male" with your kaohnin's name. Male names usually end in '-oan' or '-in'. Female names usually end in '-oza' or '-ise'. And hermaphrodite names usually end in '-ara' or '-ire'.

Other features you might want to add (if you're ambitious):
-In incredibly rare cases, kaohnin winglets develop into full-size wings when they mature ([link] like so)
-Some kaohnin are born with spikes on their elbows, hocks, and/or on their backs
-Herms are uncommon but will have features from either gender

Female version: [link]

If you want just the raw lineart I can send it to you if you need, just message me. (And make sure to send me a linke to your finished characters :P)
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January 7, 2011
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