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Mafia Octavia by Zedrin Mafia Octavia by Zedrin
Things were peaceful til the Prohibition. When cider became a protected commodity... Well, let's just say, my music career had yet to take off. The danger offered a convenient source of stable income. People wanted their cider. The Apples wanted their profit. I just made sure everyone was happy.

EDIT2: Ask her questions here! Ask Mafia Octavia Have at it people!

This idea just clicked in my head one day.

This was pretty much a speedpaint, done in a bit over an hour... with many distractions. Took a more minimalistic approach. Dunno if it worked well or not, so you tell me.

Youtube speedpainting: [link]
Redbubble: [link]

EDIT: HOW IS THIS SO POPULAR? D: Maybe I should go for minimalism a bit more often.
EDIT3: Coincidentally awesome music [link]
Critique by Derry-E-Lily Derry-E-Lily/critique/668704685">Aug 21, 2012, 6:28:24 AM
It's an impressive piece of work. The pose looks pretty cool, and to be honest, reminds me of a pose Leon pulls when he reloads the tommy gun in RE4, while he's wearing the mafia outfit. The shading is very nice and adds to the picture. In many ways the lack of a background actually improves the image, as it makes you focus on Octavia rather than whats around her. I cant get enough of the facial expression as it makes her look absolutely badass. The only real downside is that I've seen this sort of work before and it's sorta lost out on originality in that sense. Overall, I would call it a very good picture and I'm very impressed. I give the impact a very high rating, mainly due to the fact that I absolutely love Octavia and I guess I'm being a bit biased. Still, tremendous piece of work in my opinion, keep it up.
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June 29, 2012
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