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August 14, 2012
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Mafia Octavia - Double Life by Zedrin Mafia Octavia - Double Life by Zedrin
In honor of reaching 500 followers, I made a followup image to the piece that started this beautiful mess.

Also, Octavia in a dress. There you go.

Ask Mafia Octavia
Redbubble (shirts, prints, phone cases)

Image is formatted for 16:9 wallpapers. Feel free to download!

Done with very minimal use of the brush tool, this was predominately the pen tool at work here! <3 the pen tool

That's enough Octavia for one week. Now, I'm off to Everfree. *flies away*

Edit: Updated some bloom, darkened some shading, and lightened the background some.
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Originality: Five. First off, pictures of ponies standing on two hooves are quite rare , clothed ponies rarer, musical ponies nearly as rare, and the combination, well, is something this troper has never seen before.

Vision: Five. The clothing style is simple, but elegant and fitting. The poses are expressive and the facial expressions are cute, but slightly haunting. your sparse use of color truly emphasizes the cello, the eyes, the cutie Mark, and the Hat/scarf. The lack of a background really brings the eye to the figures.

Technique: Five. Proportions are perfect, you mimic the show's style while making it uniquely yours, you have a very good feel for how clothing folds and how hair curls.

Impact: Intruiguing and strong. Not a fan art I am likely to forget. Five.
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Before you read this I want you to know two things: I'm really nitpicking at the smallest, most trivial of details, and I am no artist myself-- I just look at it from a personal perspective. Please don't be offended if I pick at some details that were hard to pull off, or otherwise frustrating to you.

Vision: Four point five. Your detailed shading and clothing really catches the eyes, as well as all of Octavia's little features, like her tie, or pearl necklace. However, it looks like musician Octavia's tail is missing.. I feel like the hair could use a bit more detail, as it seems to fit with the clothing, and not really stand out as a different part. The eyes and facial expression, though, seem to be piercing, and the entire scene still looks just marvelous :iconrarityplz:

Originality: Four. The idea of Octavia as a mafiosa seems certainly original to me, but looking at the presentation, it seems to me like another 'two sides' drawing. I still enjoy looking at this, though.

Technique: Three point five. Though your skill is very evident, there were a lot of minor continuity errors and small problems that just added up mentally. There are some shape flaws, strokes that appear to be almost segmented, minor placement issues, shadows that don't wrap around 100%, and it all added up, in the end. I feel like the piece could have used a bit more fine-tuning.

Impact: Five. The image was very entertaining, and feels like it could fit with Octavia's 'lifestyle,' so to speak. Sorry for being repetitive, but it was very cute, entertaining, and a nice thing to just plain think about.
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Deliziosamente mortale ^_^
Awesome   Dx
Love it why you are not being offer to work in the show you are much better than the people they have now, thanks for sharing
POR DIOS!!! te quedo hermoso *-*
Pastel-Painted Aug 31, 2013  Student Writer
Wowie. ;)
J25TheArcKing Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow so damn beautiful! Classic and noir!

(Plays Burden by Opeth)
Would it be possible to get the dress Octavia as its own centred image? Like how the Mafia Octavia has its own standalone shot.
Zedrin Jul 8, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I don't believe I have the parent file anymore.
Ah, that's a shame.
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