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Siblings in Arms by Zedrin Siblings in Arms by Zedrin
Thanks to all who came out to the Livestream. We had fun with Molestia, Twilight, Sekeltor, and Discord. :u

Wanted to draw Twilight and Shining Armor in, well, armor, and this is what resulted. Somewhat Gundam-inspired, though I've never watched the show, and somewhat inspired by the cyberpony drawing of Vinyl Scratch that was freaking awesome.

I'll have more drawings coming like this soon, and I've learned my lesson about being patient with lineart and shading in general, (and making use of Illustrator's "live trace" feature).

See the speed video of the drawing: [link]

Just Twilight Sparkle:

Just Shining Armor:


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The colours around this drawing are impressive. Specially the pink shadowing around them both.

I also liked the shadowing and light on the armors. If you take a little time, you can see that you put a lot of effort on the design of the futuristic armor (specially around the designs of the Cutie Marks).

Also, for what you can see in a more detailed point of view, you interacted a little bit with the colours to show a little bit of deepth into the Shield and the Scimitar sword...

The only little problem that I have with this awesome drawing, is the actual lack of background. But that just nitpicking...

Great drawing. Great colours, and Specially a JOLLY GOOD SHOW was made into the making of this great concept art.

Next time, you should do a little "Saint Seiya" cross-over...that would be awesome :D.
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I've always loved the "Ponies in Armor" theme, be it medieval or fantasy. This one is really cool. I like the design of both of their equipment. A lot of detail and complexity always makes Gundam style armor look cooler. I especially like Twilight's visor and Shining's shoulder cannons. There's a lot of detail on them, and yet the background is completely blank. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Also, the magical effects could have been better. They all take the form of a similar pink fog - Twilight, Shining, and the off-screen enemy. Were it not for the individual images in the description, I would have thought Twilight was the one wielding the sword because I couldn't tell the difference. I'm not even entirely sure who's doing what because the entire image is filled with the same pink cloud.

Lastly, this could have been much cooler if the enemy's attack had a lot more impact to it. The two of them holding a cloud at bay is less forceful than, say, deflecting an energy attack of some kind.

Twilight and Shining look really cool in this scene, but the scene itself could have been implemented a bit better.
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May 6, 2012
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