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Trapped in Stone by Zedrin Trapped in Stone by Zedrin
A system always
reverts to its
most chaotic state.

I was here

So no matter how
you try...

How much

much you
fight it

dictates I
always come

Cover art for the song "Trapped in Stone" (click for link) by LasFas.

I've been meaning to do Discord fanart for a while now. SO, thank you for that, LasFas ;D

I am so out of it today... So much art. No idea how this came out so nicely by comparison.

Feels good, though.
Critique by foxthepegasister foxthepegasister/critique/699527847">Oct 14, 2012, 8:40:04 PM
Vision: You completely deserve 5 stars. It's completely haunting- and you used just the right shades of colors so it is show-accurate but not overwhelmingly enough to detract from the grayscale, gloomy feeling. It's amazing that you made the one active eye full-on colored, my attention was drawn to it right away. Frankly, this Discord scared me! I also like the muddiness of the rain, and the fact that Discord seems to be darker than the stormy sky at some points. Well done. c:
Originality: 3 stars. To be honest, I'd love to give you more. It's not the fact that Discord is an overdone idea- but the fact of him coming back after yet another embarrassing defeat in all his former chaotic terror and glory is over-used just a tad. Yes, it's a new perspective. And if you feel like drawing something- you just do it without thinking of the uniqueness, so it's not like you were evidently trying to break ground here. Forgive me if you were. It's just stone Discord coming back to life- which most bronies have read about, seen, heard songs about, or drawn themselves. So I wish I could give you more- but the general idea doesn't call for that. Sorry. D:
Technique: You deserve a sold 4 stars. c: The color scheme you picked was perfect, with the bleak background it really accentuates that a force to behold is coming back to life. The soft feathering of his wings, despite the texture of stone, appear to be ready for motion of the eager captive. The shading from the lightning is also good, but not too overpowering as some drawings can be. Not only that, but just looking at one work, I can tell you're an amazing artist with a wicked potential to go farther. The only reason I didn't give you the 5th star was the harshness of the cloud, lightning, and rain. The bruised layer that is a backdrop for even the extras looks fine, and well blended. The cloud completely stands out in a not so positive way, as it is a white to the purpley navy of the sky, and there's not a gentle contrast. It kinda takes away from Discord. The lightning, frankly put, looks as if you copy and pasted it or just completely gave up- because it doesn't come out from the cloud well and looks tacky surrounding the statue, even at the point of impact. The rain looks like a muddy brown, which really clashes with the sky and other colors in the picture. Sorry. D:
Impact: I wish I could give you more than five, really. I was looking at this picture on the Drawfriend, and stopped scrolling. It is so haunting. The fact that Discord's body looks like it's screaming to be released into the motion after who knows how long. You can also tell, by his twisted face, he's filled with malice and violence- and the chaotic mind is working ravenously. It's fairly different than the quick-witted, somewhat goody, delusional Discord we know in the show. He's angry now- and there's no stopping him. The fury of Chaos is ready.
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foxthepegasister/critique/699527847#comments">2 Replies

Critique by NavelColt NavelColt/critique/703465521">Oct 22, 2012, 5:23:06 PM
Haunting, eerie and most of all, ominous. The lord of chaos I find is often portrayed in a darker tone than his cartoon self in art, but this piece in particular has a more subtle tone to it's malevolent nature, that most pieces trying to make Discord look more evil than goofy lack.

What I love the most about this piece is the fact that he's only begun to break out of stone, and the world is already turning into a cesspool of chaos by way of a thunderstorm of chocolate rain. It really gives you an idea for how powerful the chimera of anarchy is, and that's part of what makes this so ominous for me. On top of that, you have that eye staring at you, and the dark, brooding grey colors throughout the picture giving an atmosphere of dread for what will happen when he's completely free.

Vision is fabulous. The lightning highlights the stone, and really makes him eye-catching against the backdrop, despite it also being grey like his stone body.

Originality is moderate. Although I think you've brought justice to his escape in Season 2 more than most other works I've seen depicting the same theme, the fact remains it's not that original overall.

Technique is terrific. The strokes on the stone are really well-done, and I love the clouds an individual chocolate rain drops. The lightning bolt's shape looks very convincing, as well.

Overall Impact is Fabulous. The originality may not win you any awards, but hey, originality is impossible these days anyway, haha. Overall, it's a stunning work that I think you should be proud of.
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NavelColt/critique/703465521#comments">3 Replies

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