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League of Pony Legends - The Scorn of the Moon by Zedrin League of Pony Legends - The Scorn of the Moon by Zedrin
So, another of these. I said I was going to do one for Diana. Decided it couldn't wait til her release.

And I put 8 hours of work into this one. It's 3 AM. I work in 6 hours. What's wrong with me? 8D~

Focused a lot more on the background than usual. So many details. x-x Still think there might be room to improve.

Anyway, Diana. I'm getting her the day she comes out. She seems like a tankier, AD version of Akali, and she's recommended as a jungler, so she's right up my alley. (Edit: evidently she's AP, which is even better :o)

Naturally, Luna/Nightmare Moon is the best fit. She even has the same quote as the MLP villain.

Wallpaper available here: [link]

Music to set the theme: [link]

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Having played LoL and being a pony fan, I think that you have done a wonderfully great job of combining two rather unlike charecters. You have done an excelent job of transforming Diana's Armor to an equine form, but the belt looks like it might get tangled in her hind hoves. The scyth looks just a little wonky, though that might just be because you were trying to convay motion blur. Nightmare moon looks amazingly ferocious in this piece, but i am having a little trouble finding her wings. are they folded tight to her barrel to keep them safe, and the cloak flaring due to movement? I like the glow around her horn and weapon, and her mane looks wonderfully etherial. the background looks like you were aiming for the same background that was on Diana's loading screen but a little less blur on the area around Nightmare Moon or her scyth would make figuring out the focus a little easer, due to the fact that both have a great deal of blur already because of the magic aura and her mane.

I cannot give you 5 stars for originality because you are fusing two already exsisting charecters, although you were amazingly visional in the way you fused them. Although i had a few nitpicks with your technique the impact of this piece was amazing, and i hope you don't mind if i use it as a wallpaper for my computer^_^. All told an excilent artwork of two favorite charecters of mine.
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August 1, 2012
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