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League of Pony Legends - the Radiant Dawn by Zedrin League of Pony Legends - the Radiant Dawn by Zedrin
I call her Celesteona.

Had to draw a canon alicorn to get that itch out of my system.

If you didn't know, I'm a huge League of Legends fan. Leona is one of my favorite tanks, and is one of my primaries. (I typically use her to support a carry who has a good amount of AOE.)

Done in about 4-5 hours, wasn't keeping track. Wound up using the pen tool for the lineart, that took a while, but was worth it.

Leona seems to be the most apropos choice for Celestia. Both are powerful beings of a protective nature who wield the light and have a noble demeanor.

...I think I filter overkilled this image tbh. Welp, don't care. 8D

1920x1080 Wallpaper format: [link]
Updated the color/contrast some. Some parts of her armor were intended to be purple originally, so I added that in.

If you like League, check this out as well!
As with all art based on an established franchise, I usually think highly of any art that manages to match the look and feel of the original work. And on this piece of art, I’m impressed. Not only does it match the character model well but also makes additions in such a way as to be complimentary to that model rather than a distraction.

And speaking of those additions, they are both very well-drawn and also impressive to look at. Armour, especially that for non-human characters, is always a difficult thing to drawn, and it’s done very well here. As I said, it complements the character and carries off the “sun” motif in a convincing manner. It both looks and feels like something made to look impressive as well as practical in battle.

The colours are both bright and suitable for the situation. Celestia’s colouring once again is consistent both with the source material and with other pictures made of her. Adding purple to the armour was a nice touch given that it’s a colour usually associated with royalty.

However, I’m afraid that originality is something that this art suffers on. Not only is this because I’ve seen plenty of Celestia art, but because pictures of her wearing armour is also fairly frequent. It’s only the specific style of the armour that sets it apart from other pictures of it’s kind. But having said that, the style in question is nice enough to look at that such flaws are forgivable.

The background however is also a flaw in the picture. The reason being that I’m, having a hard time telling what it is exactly. And that tends to distract from the central focus of Celestia, when I don’t even know where she is.

Having said that this is still an impressive picture and a more-than-worthy entry from the artist.
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July 11, 2012
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